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As a software developer, you've mastered the how of product development. Now learn the why. Reach your full potential by becoming a product-minded developer.

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    “Devs who engage with the 'why', actively. Engineers who have the thirst for using technologies to leapfrog human/user problems. Those with empathy to reach for magical experiences. That is what defines a product engineer in my books.”

    Jean-Michel Lemieux

    Head of Engineering, Shopify

    What you get:

    An in-depth eBook filled with concrete, actionable steps to becoming a product-minded dev.


    • What is a product-minded developer?
    • Why product-minded?
    • Roles you can grow into, including DevRel, marketing, and product management
    • Building product-minded skills and using them to drive serious impact in your company and career
    • and more!

    What is it all about?

    What comes to mind when you think about growing your career as a software developer? Technology, such as learning new languages, new tools, or switching software stacks? Or perhaps leadership, which usually means leaving full-time coding for the dreaded management track?

    Good news: you don't need to become a manager or change technology focus in order to grow your software development career.

    From Matt Netkow, a 13+ year tech veteran with experience in software development, product marketing, and product management, comes a new book on creating an impactful career by becoming a product-minded developer.